The Power of Competition

We all like to be competitive. However, learning how to be a good competitor at a young age is really important. Kids who understand the benefits and lessons you get out of winning or losing can be really helpful as you grow. Here are some of the valuable things healthy competition teaches and pulls out of you. 

Losing is OK 
We all like to win, however in any healthy competition, winning is not the only goal. In fact, losing can be a very positive learning experience. Understanding what you did well and what you can do differently will help you improve at the game or activity you are competing in.

The goal is improvement 
When you compete, you should focus your energy more on improving and less on winning or beating someone else.  We all want to win, but sometimes winning can be improving upon your own skills or abilities. It’s more rewarding to conquer your own personal goals than winning at a game or activity. 

Set Expectations
By setting and talking about expectations for what you hope to get out of competition, you become a better competitor and teammate. More specifically, try to set realistic expectations about what you plan to get out of a competitive activity or event. If you’re just learning to play soccer, your initial expectation should involve improving your skills, having fun and learning the rules of the game.  

Encouragement is better than Criticism
A healthy competitor knows the importance of good sportsmanship. Yelling or being critical of others can turn a game or activity into no fun. So stay positive and always be a team player.