Perfect Problem Solver

The best scavenger hunts are the ones where you have to solve a series of problems in order to reach the end. That’s what we want you to do with your family and friends this month. Organize a scavenger hunt at least once every two weeks and come up with a list of problem-solving tasks that you can use during each scavenger hunt. Here are a couple starter ideas to add to your list of challenges:

1. Put together a 25-piece puzzle. Make this even more challenging and put together a 100 piece puzzle!

2. Write the name of 10 US presidents.

3. Write out all the lyrics to a song.

4. Solve a riddle. For example, can you solve this riddle: What goes up when the rain comes down?

5. Solve a crossword puzzle.  Share it with your family and friends and see how many words they get right!