No Problem

One of the best ways to be a good problem solver is to have a positive attitude when a challenge arrives. Focusing on the solution and not using your energy on negative feelings or emotions is key. And that’s what we want you to concentrate on this month. When you’re faced with a challenge, we want your immediate reaction to be, “NO PROBLEM.” This approach immediately puts you in a confident mindset, allowing you to address the issue and solve it. So here are a few example scenarios in which you should tell yourself, NO PROBLEM:

Your parents need help cleaning up the house…NO PROBLEM.

Your sibling needs help with homework…NO PROBLEM.

Your friend is unsure of something and needs your advice…NO PROBLEM.  

You want to get better at a particular subject in school…NO PROBLEM.

Your dog needs to be walked, and you’re the only one available to do it…NO PROBLEM.

Sound good? Now try writing down a few scenarios that you’ve faced before and tell yourself, “NO PROBLEM.” Try this all month long and see just how great it makes you feel.