Salt Art

Creating art is such a rewarding indoor activity. This month, we want you to turn paper, glue, salt and watercolors into something beautiful. Here’s how you can become a salt artist and have a lot of fun while inside. 

1. Lay a piece of heavy paper (it can be construction paper or cardstock) on top of some newspaper. With a bottle of glue, “draw” any kind of pattern you want. It can be a message, a collection of shapes, a landscape or anything creative using your imagination. Make sure the glue lines are pretty thick, but not big puddles.

​2. Pour normal table salt over the wet glue. You’ll need a lot of salt and make sure it covers all of the glue. You can do this by tilting the paper after the salt is on it. Shake off all the excess salt onto the newspaper.

3. sing watercolors and your imagination, paint the salt whatever colors you like. Make sure the paint is nice and watery so the paint brush doesn’t have to touch the salt as much. Don’t let it get too wet though, or it’ll wash the salt away. 

4. Try to create at least one piece of salt art per week. The beauty of art is letting your imagination run wild.