Safety Sessions

This month, we want you to make the theme of each week about a different kind of safety. Why? Because the more we talk about the importance of safety, and various ways we can be safe, the better off we all are. So, make time each week to sit down with your family and talk about the different kinds of safety and how you can protect yourself.

Week 1: Fire Safety

Talk to your family about the importance of fire safety. Whether you are at home or school, understanding how to prevent fires and what to do in the event of one is really important. Good things to discuss are: developing a safety plan and what to do during a fire, smoke detectors and making sure they have batteries, making sure fireplaces are clean and playing with matches or lighters.

Week 2: Car Safety

Help your parents be safer in the car. Talk about the importance of seatbelts, checking and using mirrors, speeding and not to use their phone while driving.

Week 3: Online Safety

This week, we want you to talk to your family about being safe online. From setting good passwords for your online accounts to talking about cyberbullying, these are great conversations you can have in your weekly safety session.

Week 4: Household Safety

There are a lot of household safety topics you can talk about as a family. Some include: making sure dangerous cleaning products are locked away, electrical safety, being careful on the stairs, throwing away expired food, and much more. Get together and talk about all the things you and your family can do to help make your house safer.

Week 5: Outdoor safety

For the last week, talk about all the ways you can be safe while playing outside. From wearing a bike helmet to putting on sunblock, get together as a family and discuss all the ways you can better protect yourselves while playing outside.