Pumpkin Party

Halloween is coming up and one of the best ways for your family to celebrate this spooky holiday is with a trip to the pumpkin patch! But once you get there, you’ll want to find the perfect pumpkin. Sometimes, we don’t choose our pumpkins, our pumpkins choose us. Here are some tips for making sure you don’t make a rotten pick…

Look for a pumpkin with a stem
Pumpkins without stems are often older and won’t last as long before going bad. A pumpkin with a green stem usually means it is freshly harvested and should last longer than those without a green stem.

Avoid pumpkins with soft spots, wrinkles, mold, or open cuts
These marks indicate a pumpkin has started to spoil. It will be harder to carve and won’t last as long.

Make sure it sits flat
If you’re planning to carve and display your pumpkin, you want to be sure it sits flat. Not only does this allow everyone to see your pumpkin carving skills, but it lessens the risk of it rolling over.