Park It

Sometimes, the best place to cross train is also one of your favorite places. The park offers so many great cross training options for you and your friends. From building muscle strength to balance, coordination and cardio, the park offers you a complete workout without even knowing it. Here are some of the cross-training activities you can do in the park:

Monkey Bars
The monkey bars are a great way to improve your upper body strength and coordination. Try to conquer the monkey bars every time you are at the park.

Ball/Wall Climbers

All playgrounds are different, but many of them offer climbing bars or walls to get up or down on a jungle gym. Climbing is great strength training for your whole body. 


Whether its running from one play area to another or getting some friends to run in an open field, we want you to run. Running is a huge part of cross training that improves strength and endurance. 

Balance Beam

Many parks offer some kind of balance-based equipment. Working on your balance is a great way cross train and challenge yourself.