Oversized Memory Game

This month’s activity is a game that is both mental and physical. Not only that, it’s a ton of fun to play with family and friends. As with many of the best games, the Oversized Memory Game challenges you to move, use your brain and be creative. Let’s challenge ourselves to try to play this at least once a week throughout the month. Here are the steps for bringing this game to life:


  1. Get 10 sheets of poster board and cut them in half to make 20 sheets.
  2. With a pencil or sharpie, draw two letter A’s, two letter B’s, two letter C’s, etc. until you full up all the poster board.
  3. Then find an open space either outside or in your house, and arrange the poster board in 4 rows of 5. Make sure the pairs of letters are mixed up and not next to one another. 
  4. Take turns turning over the poster board to try and find matching pairs of letters. 
  5. The person who finds the most matches, wins.
  6. After each game, flip the letters back over, rearrange your rows and play again.