Reading is a simple way to expand your knowledge and brainpower. This month, we want you to find news articles or stories that interest you and write down your own thoughts about the things you learned from each article. In fact, we challenge you to find an article or story every day that you like and collect them in a journal or notebook. Under or beside each story, write down your own thoughts about each story and the things you learned.  At the end of the month, share this notebook or journal with your family and friends and discuss what you’ve learned.  A couple things to keep in mind: 

1. Find stories or articles that interest you, but also try to vary in theme or subject. 

2. While reading, think critically about the information on the page. 

3. Ask yourself questions about the stories or articles and try to answer them for yourself. 

4. Write about a single part of the story or article that you find most interesting. When you are finished reading, write down your thoughts or key learnings from the article or story.  Once you are done, share with your family and friends what you learned.