Learn A Language

Learning a second language can be challenging and rewarding.  Not only does put your brain to the ultimate test, but it also allows you to communicate with others who do not speak the same language as you. This month, we challenge you to choose a new language of interest and learn the basics.  A couple things to keep in mind:

1. Pick a language that interests you or one that a friend or family member speaks. 

2. Find a partner to learn with you or one that speaks the language you want to learn. 

3. Start with the basics (like numbers, greetings, introductory phrases, please and thank you) and build from there. 

4. Practice makes perfect! Talk to yourself in the language you want to learn. The more you speak, the more confident and comfortable you will become when talking with others.

5. Listen and learn from others who speak this language. Focus on pronunciation and the use of words, gestures and expressions.