Coordinated Effort

Coordination and effort—two things we want you to focus on all month long. That’s why we want you to get a couple friends or family members together and make an effort to work on your coordination. There are so many fun and valuable exercises you can work on. Here are a couple examples of things we would like you to do throughout the month. 

Jump Rope

This is a great exercise that challenges your timing and requires you to coordinate your eyes, hands and feet. Beyond that, it’s a fun way to work up a sweat with a group. 

One-Leg Balancing

This simple exercise challenges your ability to balance on each of your legs. As a group, see who can balance on one leg for the longest time. Once you are done balancing on one leg, move to the other. 


Draw a hopscotch grid on the ground. Feel free to make it as long or challenging as you want. Then practice hopping through your grid slowly, eventually doing it faster and faster. See how much balance and timing play a part in your ability to master every grid you make. 


You can start with a basketball or any large ball that bounces and eventually work your way toward bouncing smaller balls like a tennis or racquetball. The act of dribbling helps you develop better hand-eye coordination while allowing you to challenge others to see who can dribble the most times in a row.

Mirror Games

With another person, we want you to try and copy their movements. If they jump, you jump. If they run in place, you run in place. The goal is to read and react to your partner’s movements and to coordinate your body to do so. Once you’ve mirrored your partner, then it’s your partner’s turn to mirror you.