Hide & Seek

This month, we want you to gather your family and friends to play a classic game of Hide & Seek. Hide & Seek is a great way to be active indoors while also encouraging every participant to have an active imagination. So get together with a group, find your favorite hiding place and have some fun by playing this game at least once a week. Here are some helpful suggestions.
1. You can play with one other person or spice it up and play with a group of four or more.

2. Play at your house or change it up by playing at a friend’s house.

3. "Hiders” should not use the same spot twice. “Seekers” should count to at least 10 before going to look for the “hiders.”

4. Feel free to add a “tag” element to your game by establishing a home base that the “hiders” have to touch without being tagged by the “seeker.” This allows them to be “safe” and the hider cannot tag them.

5. Typically, the first “hider” found is the “seeker” in the next round, but make sure everyone gets a chance to hide and to seek