Good Sports

When you’re playing a game or activity, sportsmanship is very important. No one likes a bad sport, and being a good sport is pretty simple. People who show exceptional sportsmanship are thought of as leaders and are often seen as being more mature, reliable, and easier to get along with. Here are some examples in which you can be a good sport and why they are important. 

Play fair and follow the rules.

Whether it’s a board game, a card game, or a sporting event, you should always play fair and follow the rules. No one likes a cheater. And in sports, many of the rules exist to help keep players safe, so it’s important for you to follow them. 

Be respectful.

Part of playing fair is showing respect for the game. This includes showing respect to other players (even the ones who aren’t on your team) as well as anyone else involved, including the coaches, referees, and even spectators. You can show respect by being kind and helpful, on and off the field or court. You definitely shouldn’t talk down to anyone or make fun of them. If someone is having trouble with the game, be a good sport by helping them. 

Win with class & lose with grace.

Sore losers are no fun, but neither are bad winners. You should always win with class and lose with grace. If you lose, you should congratulate the other team or players on their win. You shouldn’t make excuses for why or how you lost, and you should never lose your temper over a loss. If you win, don’t brag or boast about it, but instead, show respect for the opposing team by offering them congratulations on a well-played game (even if it didn’t end the way they wanted it to). And win or lose, you should always shake hands after a game.