Good Sport Award

Being a good sport goes well beyond competition and games. Sometimes, you are a good sport by being patient with a younger brother or sister or doing an activity that a friend or family member likes to do. Going with the flow of things and making life easier for others is a great way to be a good sport. That’s why we want you to recognize the people in your life who do just that. This month, we want you to award people with a note or small gift that recognizes their efforts for being a good sport. Here are some example behaviors of people worthy of a good sport award:

  1. Letting your little brother or sister play with the toy you are playing with.
  2. Telling your parents you are willing to do something that’s important to them.
  3. Trying something new with friends or family. 
  4. Being a good listener after someone had a tough day. 
  5. Helping another person doing a chore or task.