Eat This, Not That

We all can eat better, and truthfully, there are simple and delicious substitutions for the unhealthy food items you love. Here are some ideas. Try them and figure out what tastes good to you. It’s worth the effort.

Eat lean chicken, Not chicken nuggets

Eat baked potatoes, Not French fries

Eat whole grain toast, Not doughnuts

Eat a veggie burger, Not a cheeseburger

Eat fruit low-fat yogurt, Not cereal

Eat fruit juice popsicles, Not ice cream

Eat dried fruit and nuts, Not potato chips

Eat hummus, Not ketchup

Eat lean turkey, Not bologna

Eat spaghetti squash, Not pasta

Eat pureed fruit on waffles, Not syrup

Eat frozen fruit, Not candy

Eat lettuce wraps, Not tortillas