Checking off Chores

No one likes doing chores, but everyone has to do them. Luckily, they’re a lot easier to handle with a little help! That’s why chore time is the perfect time to work together to show off your teamwork skills. This not only gets the job done faster, but it helps build relationships between you and your friends and family members. Here are some ways you can team up to check chores off your to-do list. 

Divide up Chores

Accomplishing your chores is easier when you split them up. If you have six things on your chore list, you can split them evenly between two people so that each person is doing three tasks. That way, no one is doing too much and everything gets done quicker. 

Share Chores

You can also move chores along faster by working on them together. Instead of dividing the chores between individuals, everyone can work on the same chore together until it’s complete. For example: when cleaning the dishes, have one person wash them, another person dry them, and a third person put them away.  Once you’re all done, you can move on to the next chore. This can be fun because everyone is working together instead of working by themselves. 

Keep up with Cleaning

Another thing that can help keep chores more manageable is if everyone agrees to be a team player and work to keep the space clean all week. If everyone does their part to clean it leaves less work at the end of the week. And who doesn’t love that?!