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Ping Pong Toss
With the weather getting colder, the Ping Pong Toss is a great indoor game that encourages you to compete as individuals or as a team. Being a good competitor means trying your best while also being a good sport. So find a friend or family member, or even better, multiple friends and family members, and try this fun game at least once every week. Here’s how you play:

1. Buy or find 25 plastic cups and put them in rows of 5 on the floor. 

2. Decide whether you want to play 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3, depending on the number of individuals playing the game. 

3. Write a number 1-5 on the inside of each cup. These numbers will represent the number of points you get for scoring a ping pong ball in the cups. 

4. The goal of the game is to stand a couple feet back and throw the ping pong balls into the cups. One team or player throws at a time and you count up points based on the cup you make the ping pong ball into. If you’re playing 1 vs 1, the first person to get to 15 points wins. If you’re playing in teams, the team with highest score after everyone shoots 5 balls is the winner. So make sure to keep track of the scoring.

5. After each game you play, congratulate your teammates and opponents.  Always remember to support one another and have fun!