Activity of the Month

Basketball is a great team sport. That’s why we want you to organize a few games at least once every week. All you’ll need is a ball, a hoop and some friends or family member to join in the fun. The competition, comradery and exercise you’ll get out of these 3 on 3 games will leave you feeling great. So, let’s hoop it up this month.

  1. Decide where you want to play—a park, driveway or local gym.
  2. Find a group of 5 participants or team mates (which would be 6, including you) and make teams.
  3. For 3 on 3, you only need to use half the court, but you can play full court if you want to make it challenging.
  4. The first team to score 11 points wins.
  5. Make sure to communicate and work together as a team by passing the ball.
  6. If there is a foul, give the person who was fouled the ball back and start play again.
  7. Have fun and play hard!