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Change the Play Kids Club

Sign your kids up and the rewards are endless. Offering a variety of great kid-centric themes that will last this year and beyond, members will receive a membership kit, tons of important health info and monthly video messages from legacy member Andrew Luck. If you’re a kid, you have to join the club.

Kids Club members will get an awesome membership kit and so much more!

Membership kit

Kids Club Monthly Preview

Brain Games

Your mind is a powerful thing. Let’s put it to work. This month is about putting your mind to the test in fun and challenging ways. Are you ready? We are.

Cooking 101

Learning to cook is such a delicious and rewarding thing. Not only does it make you appreciate the things you eat, it teaches you about nutrition and the importance of preparation. This month, let’s get cooking.


Everyone deals with stress. That’s why it’s important to talk about it. The more you know, the more you can manage and overcome it. That’s what this month is all about.

Eat Right

The healthier you eat, the better you feel. This month is about making an effort to eat healthy.

Strength & Power

There are so many different ways for kids to build strength. This month, let’s learn about the importance of building healthier, stronger bodies and the effect it can have on your overall health.


When the weather is hot—we sweat. And when we sweat, it’s important to hydrate. That’s what we are going to focus on this month—hydration and making sure we drink lots of water.


There are certain ways to control and overcome the things that stress us out. That’s what this month is all about. Don’t let stress keep you down. Learn how to be strong during stressful times.


Working together and understanding the value of teamwork is so important. This month, let’s team up and have a lot of fun learning to work together. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Family Activities

When we play and work together as a family, there are no limits on the fun we can have. This month, we want you to gather your loved ones and learn about the importance of spending time and being active together. 

Healthy Snacking

Make it a snack-tastic month. That starts by learning the ways you can snack healthier.

Make a Difference

There are so many ways to make a difference in the lives of family, friends and strangers. 

Indoor Activities

This month, the Change the Play Kids Club keep their mind and bodies sharp this winter by learning some fun and exciting indoor activities.

Brain Games

This month, we want to put you to the ultimate test by challenging you with a few brain games. 

How it Works

  • Sign up for the Kids Club
  • New members will get a great membership kit
  • Receive monthly email with each month’s theme
  • Every month will have a different theme
  • Get monthly videos from Andrew Luck!
  • Have fun!!!!!

Why it’s Awesome

  • It’s just for kids
  • Themes are geared around you and the things you want and need to know about activity and nutrition
  • Kids Club is something you and your friends can do together
  • Kids, like you, make the club special