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Kids Club

The Change the Play Kids Club is for kids and their families. Each month, members receive an email with a new, kid-centric theme that includes fun stuff to do, recipes to make, activities to try and a video message from Andrew Luck.

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    How It Works

    Joining the Kids Club is easy: Parents and kids register together, and then kids are free to play! An email with a new theme—packed with activities, recipes, and messages from Andrew Luck—will be delivered to their inbox every month. There’s tons more to learn and explore in the Kids Club Archive any time!

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    Why It's Awesome

    The Kids Club is just for kids and their families. Themes are geared around kids, and why it’s fun to try new ways to exercise and eat healthy foods. You can do Kids Club activities on your own or with friends. It’s up to you!

Kids Club

Kids Can Take Charge!

In the Change the Play Kids Club, kids are empowered to learn healthy habits with the help of Riley Children's Health and Andrew Luck.
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