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Week 1

Ready, Set, Stretch

Game Plan

This week, we’re helping kids understand how important it is to stretch. Through this week’s activities, they will see how stretching improves flexibility, boosts muscle performance, helps to prevent injuries, and is a fun way to exercise. Nutrition tips will teach them to fuel up on carbohydrates such as whole grains and fruit prior to a workout.

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Week 1: Daily Activities

Activity 1

Get Ready to Stretch With Andrew Luck

It’s time to get moving! Andrew helps us warm up our muscles so we can get stronger and exercise safely.

You got this

Activity 2

Get Moving

Active stretching gets the body moving while loosening and strengthening it at the same time. In the video below, Andrew Luck will lead us through some stretches to boost our flexibility.

Do not attempt the exercises if an injury or limitation prevents you from completing them safely. Participation at any level is sufficient to complete the challenge.

Knee Hug

Standing Knee Hug

Let’s hug it out…your knees, that is. The Standing Knee Hug is a great stretch that works the hips, lower back, and hamstrings. Watch Andrew and follow these steps to make sure you’re stretching safely.

Step 1
Start with your feet shoulder-width apart and your chest up tall.

Step 2
Pull your left knee up to your chest with both hands, maintain good posture and balancing on your right foot. Hold.

Step 3
Alternate each leg.

Step 4
Do at least 5 on each leg but no more than 15.

IUH CTP Luck Exercises w1t5 twist

Lunge & Twist

It’s strength building with a twist. Literally. The Lunge & Twist works your quadriceps and hamstrings while also engaging your core. Do it and help build lower body strength and balance.

Step 1
Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Step 2
Take a step forward with one foot and bend both knees. Maintain good posture. Your back heel should lift off the floor.

Step 3
Descend until your back knee almost touches the floor.

Step 4
Twist your torso 45 degrees in the direction of your forward-facing leg, and then rotate back to the center.

Step 5
Stand back up, bring your feet together, and repeat with the other leg.

Step 6
Try to do at least 8 on each leg.

IUH CTP Luck Exercises toe touch

Alternate Toe Touch

Get down with a great stretch. Alternate Toe Touches are great for developing the abdominal muscles as well as the hamstrings. Additionally, it can improve your coordination.

Step 1
Stand with your feet aligned underneath your hips, shoulder-width apart.

Step 2
Raise the right leg straight in front of you to meet your left hand.

Step 3
Come back to center and repeat with your left leg and right hand.

Step 4
Try to do at least 10 touches on each toe.

IUH CTP Luck Exercises w1t5 tricep

Triceps Stretch

Now let's get the upper body loose. The triceps are key muscles to strengthen in your arms. So follow these steps we’ve provided to make sure you’re doing it right.

Step 1
Extend your right arm in front of you.

Step 2
Keeping your arm straight, pull your arm across your chest and hold.

Step 3
Hold your elbow with your opposite hand until you feel a stretch.

Step 4
Repeat with your left arm.

Step 5
Try to rotate arms 3 times and hold each for at least 10 seconds.

Activity 3

Daily Get Going Worksheet

Download this Daily Get Going Worksheet for students to fill out on Monday.

Daily Get Going Worksheet

Activity 4

Challenge Overview

Download and print the Week 1 Challenge Overview for students to take home and share with their families.

Week 1 Challenge 

Week 1: Key Takeaways

  • Flexibility is critical in the prevention of injuries and key to building strength.
  • Stretching increases heart and respiratory rate and makes it easier to burn calories.
  • Stretching prepares the body for activity and boosts muscle performance.
  • Fueling up with healthy food provides energy for your body.
  • Stretching boosts the number of nutrients and oxygen delivered to muscles.